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Taking Chances Free Ebook Download ((NEW))

Whether you or a loved one has recently experienced a serious illness or injury, had surgery, or had another significant medical incident, you may need physical therapy or another type of rehabilitative treatment to aid in recovery. Fill out the form to download our free guide.

taking chances free ebook download

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If you need to fill a position that involves taking risks, look for the right combination of risk-taking traits. People who are very harm-avoidant may be too inhibited to take chances, while sensation-seekers who lack forethought will be too much of a liability. This is why screening for the right balance of traits is important.

Ready to start working on Level 1 certification? I have three awesome freebies to help you get there! In this Level 1 toolkit, you get my free ebook: The Complete Guide to Google Certifications, the Level 1 Capacity Matrix (a self-assessment of the skills and concepts), and another free eBook: How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Exams.

Google Certification is one of the hottest topics on this blog, and this freebie is the #2 download of the year. Learn all about the Google Certification options and what it takes to get there in this free ebook.

In my last posting I promised to delve into my vision of the evolution of ebooks and in doing so offer a dramatic proposal to make them more mainstream and more widely used. I propose that an ebook license be granted as part of the purchase price to anyone who buys a new print book. Yes, you read correctly; the ebook is free with a new print book purchase.

The reality is that even if the current audience of ebook users were to grow by magnitudes over the next few years, the total market would only reach 3 to 4% of print. Therefore we must admit to ourselves as an industry that ebooks will always be a small niche player as a standalone platform and make them free with new book purchases.

So, if ebooks are in fact very much like audiobooks, why should they be free with print when audiobooks are often more expensive than print? Audiobooks are a non-reading experience and therefore carry an additional set of production and talent costs, and have a ubiquity of preferred devices for replay. Therefore audiobooks garner their own unique pricing. Ebooks have nearly none of the factors to warrant their own pricing beyond that of a niche market.


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