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Emmanuel Konovalov

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A .zip or .rar file is a file that stores and compresses one or more other files. Recently, I tried downloading albums from my Flickr account, but I often received the same error message when opening the .zip file: Unexpceted end of archive. Very frustrating; the message was still there even after redownloading that zip file.

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Changes since previous release:Andre Goddard Rosa: smemcap: keep outputting by ignoring transient processesBaruch Siach: don't clobber dangling symlinksBernhard Reutner-Fischer: brctl: use a single buffer for brname and ifname printf: fix printing +-prefixed numbersBrandon Maier: ifupdown: support "source-directory" stanzaBrandon P. Enochs: ntpd: add support for MD5/SHA1 message authenticationChen Qi: testsuite: check CONFIG_DESKTOP before using 'od -t'Chen Yu: remove_file: don't call rmdir if remove_file return failureChristoph Schulz: ash: reset tokpushback before prompting while parsing heredocDenys Vlasenko: libbb: @ in "\x3@" is not a valid hex digit libbb: do not misinterpret 0x10-0x19 chars in "\xNNN" too libbb: fix potential NULL pointer use libbb: fix use-after-free in copy_file libbb: in xmalloc_fgets(), use size_t for bb_get_chunk_from_file() tls: add support for ECDHE-ECDSA-AES-128-CBC-SHA and x25519 curve tls: add support for TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 cipher tls: add support for TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 cipher tls: add support for 8 more cipher ids - all tested to work tls: in AES-CBC code, do not set key for every record - do it once tls: introduce FEATURE_TLS_SHA1 to make SHA1 code optional tls: simplify hmac_begin(), speed up prf_hmac_sha256() extend fractional duration support to "top -d N.N" and "timeout" Revert "libbb: remove unnecessary variable in xmalloc_fgets" ash: allow shell scripts to be embedded in the binary ash: eval: Restore input files in evalcommand ash: eval: Variable assignments on functions are no longer persistent ash: exec: Return 126 on most errors in shellexec ash: expand: Do not quote backslashes in unquoted parameter expansion ash: expand: Fix ghost fields with unquoted $@/$* ash: parser: Fix parsing of $ ash: var: Set IFS to fixed value at start time ash,hush: fold shell_builtin_read() way-too-many params into a struct param ash,hush: properly handle $v//pattern/repl if pattern starts with / hush: expand_vars_to_list() should not assume it starts new word hush: faster/smaller code to check for presense of multiple chars in string hush: fix another case where empty "for" wasn't setting exitcode to 0 hush: fix/explain corner cases of redirection colliding with script fd hush: fix handling of heredocs not enclosed in groups where they are "declared" hush: fix handling of heredocs starting with empty lines hush: fix handling of '' in $var:+ARG hush: fix heredoc handling in the "cmd

Changes since previous release:Avi Fishman: i2cset: fix 'i' & 's' modes (3 extra bytes were sent)Avi Halachmi: lineedit: improve multiline PS1 - redraw using last PS1 line. Closes 10381Bartosz Golaszewski: i2c-tools: remove unneeded include i2c-tools: don't include linux/i2c-dev.hDenys Vlasenko: stop using atexit in non-debug build: saves 260 bytes in bss with musl use %m printf specifier where appropriate standalone shell / prefer_applets: fix "exe" in comm fields change BB_EXTRA_VERSION: now it needs to contain any spaces/parenthesis regularize format of source file headers, no code changes move get_unaligned_le32() macros to platform.h sparc: needs -fPIC config: deindent all help texts config: FEDORA_COMPAT option (so far only tweaks uname) config: merge "Busybox Settings" and "Busybox Library Tuning" into one menu config: more tweaking of help texts config: reorder items in "Busybox Settings", improve help config: trim/improve item names and help texts build system: FEATURE_LIBBUSYBOX_STATIC - try to pull libc/libm into libbusybox build system: fix "allnoconfig" to clear all options. Closes 10296 build system: remove unused CONFIG_FEATURE_HAVE_RPC libarchive: do not extract unsafe symlinks unless $EXTRACT_UNSAFE_SYMLINKS=1 libarchive: FEATURE_LZMA_FAST should be visible if FEATURE_SEAMLESS_LZMA libbb: avoid malloc/free in bb_unsetenv() libbb: do not die if setgid/setuid(real_id) on startup fails libbb/dump: allow skipping over stdin too libbb/dump: fix a few broken commits and shrink code libbb: hide getnetbyaddr() inside "#if ENABLE_FEATURE_ETC_NETWORKS" block libbb: make trim() return pointer to terminating NUL libbb: move capability names code to libbb libbb: new function bb_getgroups() - allocating wrapper around getgroups() libbb: safe_write should not return EINTR libbb: use _exit, not exit, in bb_daemonize_or_rexec() libbb: rearrange NOFORK/NOEXEC code, logic is not changed libbb: simplify NOFORK/NOEXEC defines, move set_task_comm to libbb lineedit: do not tab-complete any strings which have control characters lineedit: get terminal width before printing prompt lineedit: make read_line_input() not take timeout param main: fix the case where user has "halt" as login shell. Closes 9986 networking/interface.c: remove superfluous "& 0377" noexec: consolidate code noexec: do GETOPT_RESET() before entering APPLET_main() noexec: set comm field for noexecs nofork: fix a bug uncovered by hush testsuite (forgotten fflush) adjtimex,blkdiscard,free: make it NOFORK clear,nproc,tty,uname,arch,unlink,which: make them NOFORK pwdx,pivot_root,kill[all5],ttysize,realpath,readlink: make them NOFORK add/remove-shell,add/deluser,add/delgroup: make them NOEXEC make 17 state-changing execing applets (ex: "nice PROG ARGS") NOEXEC blkid: make it NOEXEC, make FEATURE_BLKID_TYPE=y default blockdev,fsfreeze,fstrim,mountpoint: make them NOEXEC brctl,chattr,lsattr,tune2fs: make them NOEXEC chvt,deallocvt,dumpkmap,fgconsole,loadkmap: make them NOEXEC cryptpw,mkpasswd: make them NOEXEC df,dnsdomainname,hostname,dumpleases,expr,fatattr: make them NOEXEC freeramdisk,free,stat,getopt,ifenslave,ipcalc,rdev,ipcrm,ipcs: make them NOEXEC ip,ip*: make them NOEXEC kbd_more: make it NOEXEC, remove redundant opt clearing loadfont,setfont,losetup,lspci,lsscsi,lsusb: make them NOEXEC makedevs,mesg,mktemp,nameif: make ithem NOEXEC modutils: make them NOEXEC except depmod nbd-client: make it NOEXEC, stop using argc date,resize,partprobe,ps,pstree,raidautorun,runlevel,setconsole: make them NOEXEC setkeycodes: make it NOEXEC, better --help text setlogcons: make it NOEXEC, better --help text setserial,stty,sv,svc,sysctl,tunctl,umount: make them NOEXEC users,w,who,uptime,renice,vconfig: make them NOEXEC adjtimex: zero-fill whole structure, to be on the safe side arch: new applet (same as uname -m). 30 bytes ash: align --login code with dash ash: alloc slightly smaller buffer in cvtnum(); faster unsetvar() ash: allow "trap NUM 041b061a72..." syntax ash: implement BASH_XTRACEFD bashism ash: do not set a signal to SIG_DFL if it already is ash: fix display of ">&-" redirect in job strings ash: fix matching of unicode greek letter rho (cf 81) and similar cases ash: note which versions of glibc exhibit "rho bug" ash: fix nofork bug where environment is not properly passed to a command ash: fix redir_leak.tests if STANDALONE=y ash: fix "unset OPTIND" throwing an error message ash: force inlining of a trivial function ash: if !ENABLE_ASH_EXPAND_PRMT, disable PSSYNTAX code ash: improve set -x to quote strings as necessary ash: INT_OFF/INT_ON around run_nofork_applet() ash: less hackish implementation of evaltreenr() ash: make tryexec(cmd) parameter const char ash: more general format $var:EXPR:EXPR ash: more s/error/perror/ for better error reporting ash: one "current line = 1" might be missing, fix that ash: [PARSER] Add FAKEEOFMARK for expandstr ash: [PARSER] Catch variable length expansions on non-existant specials ash: [PARSER] Removed noexpand/length check on eofmark ash: [REDIR] Fix popredir on abnormal exit from built-in ash: [REDIR] Replace GPL noclobberopen code with the FreeBSD version ash: remove REDIR_SAVEFD2 ash: retain envvars with bad names in initial environment. Closes 10231 ash: revert previous implementation of "A=1 A=2 B=$A cmd" code ash: [SHELL] Optimize dash -c "command" to avoid a fork ash: significant overhaul of redirect saving logic ash: stage backported LINENO support as a separate patch ash: survive failures in $PS1 expansion. Closes 10371 ash: sync up with dash with respect to redirection escaping ash: unset OPTARG if getopts exits 1, support OPTERR=0 behavior ash: use mempcpy() where appropriate ash: [VAR] Add localvars nesting ash: [VAR] Do not poplocalvars prematurely on regular utilities ash: [VAR] Fix loss of variables when hash collides ash: [VAR] Fix poplocalvar leak ash: [VAR] Fix poplocalvar on abnormal exit from function ash: [VAR] Move unsetvar functionality into setvareq ash: [VAR] Replace cmdenviron with localvars ash,hush: ">&10" redirects to script/tty fds should not work hush: add a test which fails due to uclibc bug in getopt() hush: add support for "set -e" hush: add TODO for "set -e" hush: convert exp/ro/local parameters to bitfields in one flag param hush: correctly handle quoting in "case" even if !BASH_PATTERN_SUBST hush: do not accept "if() echo; " function def hush: do not assign to readonly VAR in "VAR=VAL CMD" syntax too hush: explain why wait5.tests is failing hush: fix a case when redirect to a closed fd #1 is not restoring (closing) it hush: fix and_or_and_backgrounding.tests failure hush: fix "cmd1 && cmd2 &" handling on NOMMU hush: fix comment parsing in `cmd`, closes 10421 hush: fix $##, $#?, $#! handling hush: fix handling of empty heredoc EOF marker hush: fix quoted_punct.tests failure hush: fix readonly2.tests failure hush: fix redirect code (was using uninitialized variables) hush: fix "(sleep 1; exit 3) & sleep 2; echo $?; wait $!; echo $?" hush: fix "true func_with_return" not allowing return hush: fix two redirection testcase failures hush: forgot to emit error on (failing) second "readonly VAR=VAL" hush: functions have priority over builtins (!) hush: implement "getopts" builtin hush: implement "readonly" builtin hush: implement "times" builtin hush: implement -d DELIM option for "read" hush: make SIGINT handling visually less confusing hush: make "wait %1" work even if the job is dead hush: massage redirect code to be slightly more like ash hush: print error messages on "shift -1" hush: remove redundant "G_flag_return_in_progress = -1" hush: remove superfluous comparison hush: rename a few functions hush: simplify insert_job_into_table() a bit hush: support $VAR:N:-M hush: treat $#? as "length of $?" hush: use mempcpy where useful hush: if STANDALONE, close interactive fd for NOEXECed children msh: delete this applet shell: improve comments on signal handling shell: add OPTARG poisoning to getopt_optarg.tests shell: and_or_and_backgrounding.tests is no longer "UNFIXED BUG" shell: make standalone shell tab-complete "busybox" shell: more efficient check for EOL in read shell: optional support for read -t N.NNN, closes 10101 awk: stop on first non-option, closes 9861 basename: do not use argc beep: disallow FEATURE_BEEP_FREQ = 0 in configuration blkdiscard: provide our own BLK[SEC]DISCARD if necessary bunzip2: fix runCnt overflow from bug 10431 bzcat: compile bunzip2_main() if BZCAT bzcat,zcat: simplify code if gunzip/bunzip2 is not selected cat: fix "cat -An" ignoring -n; make numbering go througn all files chat: do not die when HANGUP param is missing. Closes 10016 chattr: fix option parsing to accept more cryptic option combos chown: fix a mistake in opt_complementary change crond: allow $SHELL and starting user's shell override DEFAULT_SHELL. Closes 6458 crond: do not assume setenv() does not leak crond: support @daily etc date: maybe_set_utc only once dd: fix status=none. Closes 10066 ed: fix --help and reorder functions, no code changes ed: fix "\n" removal in command line; make "w" set "dirty = 0" free: no longer include common_bufsiz.h getopt32: factor out code to treat all args as options getopt32: move support for "always treat first arg as option" to users (tar/ar) getopt32: remove applet_long_options getopt32: remove opt_complementary hexedit: new applet httpd: fix handling of range requests httpd: skip "Status: " from CGI, including space. Closes 10291 inetd: fix for running by non-root inetd,mount: do not die if uclibc without RPC is detected init: reduce the window when init can lose reboot/poweroff signals ipcalc: trim help text ipcs: tweak output orer to match util-linux 2.28 kbd_mode: show "off" mode too kbd_mode: try harder to find console device if -C TTY is not given klibc-utils: add ipconfig.c work-in-progress klibc-utils: new applets: resume, nuke, minips makedevs: allow much longer filenames microcom: require exactly one non-option netcat: net applet (alias to nc) ntpd: do run the script at least once in 11 minutes ntpd: improve treatment of DNS resolution failures ntpd: mention in help text that -d can be repeated ntpd: perform DNS resolution out of send/receive loop. Closes 10466 ntpd: skip over setting next DNS resolution attempt if it is not needed pgrep: fix "pgrep -v -P1"; also allow matching of comm. Closes 10086 ping: better config help text for FEATURE_FANCY_PING ping: fix help text to show what parameter -p takes pmap: tweak help text, show usage if no params are given ps: implement -o sid ps: improve TIME column for large times: showing "14453:50" is not good ps: stop using AT_CLKTCK, there are more standard ways readprofile: do not close/free just before exiting rpm2cpio: handle LZMA compressed rpms. closes 10166 rpm2cpio: use rpm_gettags rpm: prepare rpm_gettags for reuse in rpm2cpio rpm,rpm2cpio: do not compile not-configured parts of rpm.c rpm,rpm2cpio: INIT_G() was missing (it is a nop here so far) rpm,rpm2cpio: put both sources into one file, no code changes run-init: new applet script: -f means "flush", not "fsync" script: make -t[FILE] compatible with util-linux script: make -t independent of scriptreplay sed: in '/regexp/cmd1;//cmd2', cmd2 should use the same regexp as cmd1 sendmail allow "=" symbol in recipient, closes 10241 sendmail: fix segfault if "To: email1,email2" is used setconsole: much better help text setconsole: since SUSE version has no -r, nuke our --reset longopt setfattr: new applet setpriv: accept any case in capability names setpriv: code shrink, and grouping capability code together setpriv: dump user and group info setpriv: factor out capability name printing setpriv: placate "declaration of 'index' shadows a global declaration" warning setpriv: remove dependency on libcap headers shuf: fix random line selection. Closes 9971 stty: add cmspar, flusho, extproc attributes stty: fix bb_common_bufsiz1 use in NOEXEC svc: fix a case where with more than one option, getopt() state is not reset svc: remove superfluout INIT_G() swapon: do not use FEATURE_MOUNT_LABEL, have your own FEATURE_SWAPONOFF_LABEL sysctl: fix file parsing, do not require -w for VAR=VAL sysctl: recognize ";comment" and "#comment" lines syslogd,logger: code shrink for musl tar: postpone creation of symlinks with "suspicious" targets. Closes 8411 telnet: "-a" + "-l USER" should respect USER test: fix 4-argument case time: fix build for toolchains without O_CLOEXEC tls: fix build problem on non-static i386 tls: fix pstm asm constraint problem tls: remove last int16 local variables in pstm code tls: use capped SNI len everywhere top: switch to malloced "globals" ttysize: if stdin is not tty, try stdout, then stderr ubi_tools: a bit smaller applet resolution code ubi_tools: ubiupdatevol supports "-" input and actually respects -s SIZE ubiupdatevol: fix bug with -sSIZE: was ignoring IMAGE_FILE udhcpc[6]: downgrade "adapter index N" messages to log2 level udhcpc[6]: fix messages referring to select() while we use poll() udhcpc[6]: initialize entire sockaddr_ll udhcpc[6]: make log2 messages for chaddr field indented like the rest udhcpc[6]: on log level 1, three messages about raw socket is overkill udhcpc: downgrade "MAC X:X:X:X:X:X" message to log2 level udhcpc: paranoia when using kernel UDP mode for sending renew: server ID may be bogus unlzma: fix SEGV, closes 10436 unshare: -r implies -U, not -u unshare: -r should map root to user, not the other way around unxz: get_le32 macro is obviously wrong unzip: implement -j, closes 9126 unzip: robustify overwrite checks unzip: sanitize filename length: malloc(1234mb) is not funny unzip: support symlinks. Closes 10031 uuencode: allow space instead of "`" as padding char. Closes 10046 volume_id: enable minix detection watchdog: do not use argc, other cleanups xargs: optional support for -P NUM. Closes 9511 xxd: allow "-" as file name meaning stdin zcip: fix slow environment leakEugene Rudoy (3): iproute/iprule: support toolchains without RTA_TABLE routing attribute unzip: fix content listing and filtering when -j is used unzip: add missing -j to trivial usageJames Clarke (6): networking: Fall back on IPPROTO_RAW when SOL_RAW is not defined blkdiscard: Only build on Linux xfuncs: Handle missing non-POSIX termios constants df: Use statvfs instead of non-standard statfs udp_io, traceroute: Standardise IPv6 PKTINFO handling to be portable grep: skip grepping symlinks to directoriesJohannes Schindelin (7): ash: protect WIFSTOPPED use with #if JOBS copyfd: guard use of munmap() with #if (windows builds need this) ash: remove no-longer-used variable ash: implement -d DELIM option for read ash: report reason when a script file could not be opened ash: when cd fails, say why xargs: support -a FILEKang-Che Sung (3): cat: allow compiling out -n and -b make_single_applets: fix ": $((fail++))" expansion error ps: allow ps config options if minips is enabledMarkus Gothe: lsscsi: fix xchdir("..") from symlink in /sys/bus/scsi/devicesMatt Spinler: watchdog: stop watchdog first on startupNatanael Copa: unzip: fix regression on big-endian machinesPatrick Steinhardt (8): setpriv: do not process remaining args setpriv: prepare option parsing logic for additional opts setpriv: dump no-new-privs info setpriv: dump inheritable capability set setpriv: dump capability bounding set setpriv: dump ambient capabilities setpriv: allow modifying inheritable caps setpriv: allow modifying ambient capabilitiesPeter Korsgaard: dpkg: fix CONFIG_FEATURE_CLEAN_UP handlingRon Yorston (9): printf: fix format string sanity check od_bloaty: fix floating point output ash: support platforms that don't have '%m' printf specifier libbb: remove vdprintf ps: fix build failure if FEATURE_PS_TIME is disabled libarchive: fix build failure on NOMMU systems tar: fix handling of first argument without '-' kill: add '--' option to separate options from arguments env: -u option fails due to typoThomas Petazzoni: Makefile: include per-arch Makefile before Makefile.flagsTimo Teräs: add-remove-shell: fix crash when shell is already addedUwe Geuder: bootchartd: prevent premature stop by device mapperXabier Oneca: chcon: show '--reference' in help text only if LONG_OPTS=y 041b061a72


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