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but hey, maybe it's not that bad. if aliens were to land on earth, we would see them as we've seen them before, only we would be a little more culturally advanced. and since we would have the advantage of earth's culture, it's possible that it would end up being beneficial to us. but it would still be essentially our culture, and we'd still be the ones who decide what happens next.

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the last point is the why point. while it's possible that aliens are not interested in colonization, or even in having a relationship with us, it's equally possible that they have been instructed to study us, and that we have to be taught how to live with them. the whole reason for star trek is that we can't seem to come to terms with the fact that the universe is big, and that we're going to find out that we're just another life form on a small, boring planet that just happens to be lucky enough to have a computer and a powerful enough telescope to look for other life. and we have to learn to share the universe before we can live with other life forms. at this point, we're just getting started.

we have to be taught. and if we are going to be taught, then there's only one way that can happen. we have to teach the aliens, and by extension, if they're like us, other human beings, then we will have to be taught by them.

if aliens ever do come back, i would hope that they're not trying to conquer us or subjugate us. it would be great if they were peaceful, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. but at least i'd like to hope that we're going to be able to come to some kind of agreement with them. and if they think we're a bunch of dirty humans, well, maybe they'll want to wipe us out.


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