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6.71 Ai Fun Map [CRACKED]

It is approximately 940 kilometers across its longest axis, as it has an elongated shape. This shape is presumably due to its rapid rotation rate of 6.71 hours, similar to that of other dwarf planets like Haumea. Like Varda, it remains unknown if this object has compressed into a fully solid body and thus remains contentious amongst astronomers regarding its planetary status.

6.71 Ai Fun Map

Lastly, they ranked all of the actors who had lines in those scripts, and totaled who said the most about body size. These results may surprise you. Billy Murray ranked the highest, with an average of 7.67 weight-related mentions per script. Brian Cox came in at 6.71 weight references, Tom Sizemore made 6.33 mentions, and Tom Cruise made 5.83. The most shocking part about these statistics is that I don't remember a single time any of these actors made references to obesity, fatness or any kind of body size. Does that mean it happens so often I have become immune to its frequency? 041b061a72


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