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The VDC chip is largely useless for gaming since it has no sprites or raster interrupts. NTSC C128s will work with any CGA-type monitor (TTL RGB @ 15 kHz/60 Hz) such as the IBM 5153. However, PAL models of the C128 operate at 50 Hz and aren't compatible with most CGA monitors, which expect a 60 Hz refresh rate. Pin 7 of the VDC output (normally unused on CGA monitors) produces a monochrome NTSC/PAL signal, but no cable was provided for it and interested users had to make their own or purchase one on the aftermarket.

adobe rome download chip

Abstract:Recently, smartphone-based chromogenic sensing with paper-based microfluidic technology has played an increasingly important role in biochemical assays. However, generally there were three defects: (i) the paper-based chips still required complicated fabrication, and the hydrophobic boundaries on the chips were not clear enough; (ii) the chromogenic signals could not be steadily captured; (iii) the smartphone apps were restricted to the detection of specific target analytes and could not be extended for different assays unless reprogrammed. To solve these problems, in this study, a portable smartphone-based sensing system with a 3D-printed chip was developed. A 3D-printed imaging platform was designed to significantly reduce sensing errors generated during signal capture, and a brand-new strategy for signal processing in downloadable apps was established. As a proof-of-concept, the system was applied for detection of organophosphorus pesticides and multi-assay of fruit juice, showing excellent sensing performance. For different target analytes, the most efficient color channel could be selected for signal analysis, and the calibration equation could be directly set in user interface rather than programming environment, thus the developed system could be flexibly extended for other biochemical assays. Consequently, this study provides a novel methodology for smartphone-based biochemical sensing.Keywords: smartphone; sensing system; chromogenic; signal capture; signal processing; organophosphorus pesticides; multi-assay; fruit juice


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