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Download NTL Rar !NEW!

Netskope Threat Research Labs recently observed new strains of Microsoft Office macro-based document malware that extensively uses cloud storage services for downloading the second-stage malware payload. The macro-based malware is using either VBScript or PowerShell scripts. Netskope Threat Protection detects these macro-based malware as Backdoor.Generckd.4622234, W97M.Downloadr.FCG, and Backdoor.Generckd.4574697. The Netskope Active Platform can proactively protect customers by blocking the download of the second-stage malware from these cloud storage services, especially those services whose enterprise readiness score is poor as per the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index (CCI).

Download NTL rar

Both of the macro-based documents we analyzed use VBscript and PowerShell to download the second-stage payload from 1Fichier. The macro code in the documents was not obfuscated and only had the downloader functionality code called from the Auto_Open() function.

If running on Linux, you need to rename the file. The game is looking for BG-ChurchEast2nd-Dark, whereas the filename in the download is BG-ChurchEast2nd-DARK. Change the DARK to Dark. Linux is particular about capitalization. 041b061a72


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