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Pacemaker V2.6 Plugin For WinAMP

crash! - Don't use this one!Since one year I was using this plugin. When I quit winamp, it crashes. It wasn't a problem for me. Until today where I saw a nagscreen about register stuff. And then just at this moment, it crashes when I want use it. So as it was going to nerve me, I tried to uninstall it, without success, which forces me to uninstall it manually.So don't install it! - February 26, 2009 by ZoliveR ZoliveR

Pacemaker V2.6 Plugin For WinAMP

It's a crock. - This thing is lame. First off there are other plugins that do the job better. When you change the tempo, speed or anything, the audio quality goes down. All the other ones do that.. well... this one does it too.But that's not the main problem I have with this plugin.The main problem is that whenever it is installed and you select the "Add" button to add an mp3 to winamp at any time, THE WHOLE THING CRASHES. Yes. this thing crashes WInamp whenever a song is added, forcing you to shut off winamp and load it again everytime you want to listen to a song, and then load the plugin again. That's just lame and totally not worth the time it takes to download this.So, not only is it not any more effective than any other pitch/speed/tempo changing plugin, but none of them are buggy and crashes winamp like this one does.Not even worth the download. This thing is a crock of you-know-what. This gets 1 star becuase i'm in a forgiving mood. - August 17, 2006 by Karma Satori

professional tempo control - This is the one! This extraordinary plugin can easily compete with products made for musicians. Very accurate algorithm for tempo control. The other winamp plugin 'Chronotron II' does not have this accuracy - by far! 6 stars. - June 14, 2003 by domian eleven

I love it - Everything about this plugin i have loved. It is easy to use, nothing over-kill, works well, and I it hasn't crashed any of the 5 computers I've tested it on. It doesnt decrease my winamp load time and it lets me do thinks with tempo I couldn't do anything else. I would definitely give this a higher rating if I could. - January 20, 2003 by M.A.S Studios

Now we could all use of these - I'm a winamp-plugin freak, and I'm always looking for new and interesting things to download. This, certainly, is one of the coolest. If you're looking for fancy graphics and hefty buttons.. this is not it! However, you'll find three of the coolest sliding bars in history. The coolest, by far, is tempo which doesn't alter the pitch of key of the song.. just the speed. It's great for turning a dull and slow song into an upbeat danceable classic. You should try it sometime! The only thing it needs to do is let you record your manipulated changes. And watch out.. if you switch it too many at once, winamp tends to freeze (so don't abuse it). otherwise, it's simple, free, and provides hours of fun. What more could you ask for? - April 18, 2002 by Rachel Smith

WoW! - Best Damn Pitch Changing plugin and its sooo small in size.. Marks my words..This is definately worth all 5 star (* * * * *) !! yeah something that should be included a standard winamp distribution.. Keep it up! - November 15, 2001 by Sanchit Bhatnagar

A great plugin ! - Great for musicians rehearsing in front of a computer. It crashed my winamp a couple of times , but I still give it five stars. Great job ! - May 3, 2001 by guillermo etcheberry


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